Accessing Files

Upon login, you will arrive in the Cloud section, which displays all the folders that are available to you online. Tap on any of them to display their content or navigate through the folder structure.  Files or versions that you have never accessed before show a grey dot on the left.

Tap on a file to display more information, add comments, or view any previous versions available. To make a file available on your device, simply tap on the Download Icon.

You will notice the status changing to Pending, which means the download is in progress; and then to On Device, which means the file can now be accessed from your Device section, including when offline.

You can make an entire folder available on your device by tapping the Sync checkbox. This will automatically push any new content added to this folder to your Downloads queue when doing a global sync, which we will demonstrate by the end of this tutorial.

You can monitor pending downloads by opening the Downloads window.

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