Groups & Permissions - What's Changed? (1 March 2017)

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Overall, the Admin > Groups & Permissions area of the platform now has a flatter structure, making it easier for users to visualise and enable permissions.


Adding a Module

Previously a user selected Add a Module from a dropdown. Users can now turn on the relevant Access switch against each module they wish to enable access for. Once access is enabled, they can add permissions to access the module’s content.

Create or Admin level permissions

On the relevant tools, instead of selecting a checkbox, users can now enable the 'switch' for each module to grant Create or Admin permissions. (Enabling the Admin switch will disable all other options.)

Default Permission Rules

Once users are given access to a module, you can click the Add button to add default permission rules. The options available remain the same as they were previously and can be selected from the dropdown that appears on the page once Access has been enabled.

Adding Custom Permissions

To give custom permissions to a module’s content (for example; specific folders) in addition to, or instead of default rules, users can click on the Details button, which appears in the Content column once Access is enabled. This will open an overlay page, enabling the user to set rules against specific content items for this module.



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