Form Builder for Databases & Surveys - What's Changed? (1 March 2017)

Overall, the Form Builder used to create Database and Survey question sets has a new design and enhanced loading time, making it faster to create registers and questionnaires than ever before.  



We have moved the preview of the form to the right hand side, with the entry fields on the left. This follows the conventions of most forms, so users, whilst needing to adapt to the new system, will generally find this a more natural layout.


Due to performance limitations with long forms, we have altered the saving process, from Saving a whole form to saving individual fields. A user should select the Save & Close button each time they create or edit any field. This should remove the previous limitations with forms not saving and reduce error potential for users. It also increases the speed of loading and using the form.

Loading Existing Forms

You can now load or append an existing form even after saving a form for the first time.


Users can reorder pages at any time even after the initial form creation. 

To reorder fields and sections within a page, users can just click the Sort icon on the bottom right. A side panel then allows them to quickly move sections and fields into the desired order. Upon clicking save, the form preview will instantly update with the new order.

Mandatory Default

You can now set new fields to always be added as mandatory by default. This is accessible under Form Settings.

Future updates will also enable the ability to save forms as reusable templates.


Groups & Permissions - What's Changed (1 March 2017)



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