Widgets: Item List Widget


To set up an Item List Widget up, click into your Dashboard module.

Select an existing, or Add a New Dashboard from your list.


Click Add Widget and select Item List from the widget selection page.


Step 1Set main details will now open.

Here you add a Widget Display Name, select a Header Colour (from options matching your platform colours set up in Admin > Templates) and also select a Size for the Widget.


Click Next to continue to Step 2 > Set data content.

You then choose which Tool you want to draw your data from in the Data Content tab, the options being:

- Resources
- Databases
- Workflows
- Surveys

(Options will depend on what modules are enabled against your platform.) 

Filtering Conditions will decide what data is filtered into the Widget List.



After this is complete click Next to continue to Step 3 > Set data display options.  

Here you can pick your Featured Column Field to show which information you want to highlight as the most important.

Default Sort Order will dictate the ordering of how your results are displayed.

Finally, select up to three secondary fields for additional information you want to display. 


Click Finish to complete your Widget creation. 


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