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This article was last updated 18 April 2017

Dashboards will be a tool that will keep evolving within your IntelligenceBank platform.

The first Dashboard Widget was a basic Item List Widget, which can be populated with data sets similar to platform Data Reports, other widgets with new functionality will soon follow.

The second available widget that soon followed is a Calculation Widget which allows you to easily keep track of:

  • Workload Management: View a count of pending approvals or projects tasks awaiting your action.
  • Track Progress & Spend: Track the progress of project tasks or of your budget spending.
  • Review Expiring Assets: Keep on top of your usage rights by monitoring assets that will be expiring soon or already have.

The latest widget available is a Grid Matrix Widget. This allows you to feature a risk matrix heat map. You can instantly visualise the risk profile of your company in a customisable view, using data from your Databases or Surveys. 

Widgets that are coming soon include:

  • Charts Widget

  • Usage Metrics Widget


Also coming soon is the ability to set a default Dashboard that will automatically be opened when you enter the Dashboard tool, which will be especially handy when managing multiple dashboards

Keep an eye on our New Release Summaries to stay up to date on all of our new features as they get rolled out.  


Current Widgets:

Item List Widget

Calculation Widget



Enabling Dashboards

Adding a Dashboard

Adding a Widget into a Dashboard

Dashboard Widget Actions

Editing and Ordering Widgets within Dashboards

Managing Multiple Dashboards

Dashboard Permissions and Private Settings


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