About the Universal Drag & Drop Connector

The IntelligenceBank Universal Drag & Drop Connector, is a browser extension currently available for Chrome browsers, and lets you quickly and easily insert your IntelligenceBank files into any third-party web application that supports drag & drop.

Once enabled for your platform, click here to install it on your browser.

To login and start using the connector, enter the following credentials:


- If your company is located in Australia / Asia-Pacific, enter apiau

- If your company is located in the Americas enter apius.

- If your company is located in the Americas enter apieu.

If your are unsure of the hosting location for your platform, contact us at to find out your API URL.


- Simply enter the URL of your IntelligenceBank Platform


- This is the email addressed associated to your IntelligenceBank user account.


- This is the password you setup for accessing your IntelligenceBank user account. If you cannot remember your password, go to your login page to reset it and create a new one.


Once logged in, you will be able to browse through your IntelligenceBank folders and content. 

To insert a file into a third-party website, simply click PREPARE on the file, and once the button changes to DRAG ME, click it and drag it onto the upload area of the web page. 

Prepared files are automatically downloaded into an IntelligenceBank folder located in your Downloads area. If you have the Chrome setting to request to chose the destination folder for each download, this prompt will come up. You can turn it off under Chrome Settings > Advanced Settings.

It is important to note, that the IntelligenceBank Drag & Drop Connector only works with websites and applications that support drag & drop upload.

Support for other browsers will be added in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions about the IntelligenceBank Drag & Drop Connector, or would like to enable it for your platform, please contact us at


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