Controlling Layers from InDesign - Cheat Sheet

The PrintUI Management and Print UI Frame Options extension for InDesign lets you control which layers can be edited by your users when using the web-to-print editor online.

Layers that can be edited online are Text; Image; and basic Vector Shape layers;

There are different ways to lock layers:

  • To prevent editing completely, move the layers into the Background or Foreground layer groups (the later will only appear if enabled when the template was initialized).

  • Alternatively, you can use the Frame Options extension to select the Object and make it Non-selectable. This is a suitable option if you have a conflict in layer superposition by moving a layer to either the Background or Foreground layer groups.

  • To allow a user to modify the content of a layer, but not resize, move or rotate it, just use the standard InDesign Lock option against the layer before uploading it.

  • For Text layers that are in not in the Background or Foreground layer groups, the PrintUI Frame Options extension gives you additional options for controlling the layer once selected as an object:

- Fill Text Frame allows you to force the user input to fill as much as possible the text frame. That means that the size will dynamically change. You can set the minimum and maximum sizes allowed as a range and the editor will automatically try to fill the text frame with the user input using that size range.

- Content Validation allows you to guide the type of input entered by the user, to add validation to verify that it is either a URL, an Email Address, a Phone Number or a Date when saved. A warning message will appear if the user tries to save with a different input format than the validation type selected.

- Strict Validation is not currently working and can be ignored.


  • For Image layers that are in not in the Background or Foreground layer groups, the PrintUI Frame Options allows you to select the minimum resolution required for the replacement image selected by the user. The user will not be able to enlarge the image and make the resolution lower than the minimum required.

  • NOTE: The Replaceable Background option is the same as making the image replaceable as IntelligenceBank uses the same image source options for whether an image is set as a replaceable background or not.


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