Resources - What’s Changed?

Resources is the latest IntelligenceBank module with a new design, updated user experience and a drastic improvement in search and speed. Searching now provides almost instant results, allowing users to view thousands of images on one page, without having to wait for page loading.

To see a video overview of the updates, please click here.



As soon as you enter a keyword in the search bar at the top of your page, your results will appear instantly in your resources view. You can also see a dropdown with suggested and previous search terms. 


Click the Filter icon in the search bar to open up an easy-access Side Panel. Each section contains a number of Filtering Option, which will filter your results instantly once selected. 


You can view all of your Sub-Folders, Resources or Agendas in different views within a single folder. When you first enter a folder, all of your resources are visible by default. The Resources/Folder Switch at the top left of your page enables you to switch views, to your sub-folders, agendas, or back to your resources.

When on your Resources view, you can choose between a List or Mosaic display option, and sort your resources by clicking the icons on the top right of your page. 

The Folder Side Panel is the easiest way to navigate through your folder structure and allows you to easily search for folders.

To read more about the navigation updates to your Resources module, click here


A number of changes have been made to the basic layout. A Folder Side Panel will appear by default, with a list of all your folders that enables the quick navigation of your folder structures, including a folder search.

In the Main View where you can see all your Sub-Folders and Resources, a search bar provides instant access to any resource, whilst the filter icon in the corner of that search bar allows you to seamlessly apply filters.

Bulk Actions

After selecting a Resource, or clicking the Select All shortcut; a Bulk Actions bar will appear on the bottom of your screen. Use this to apply actions to multiple resources at once. 

Info Preview

Your carousel and Info pages are now combined, allowing you to quickly access all the information related to a file. You can also utilise the updated views for the Versions, Metadata and Alias tabs. 


To find out more about the Resources module, you can browse other articles here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Please note that the Resource module name referenced above may appear as another name in your platform as these are customisable.  

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