Sharing your Files

The Share feature on your platform allows you to publicly share resources to external parties. This feature is supported for all file types, including PDF and Word documents. 

How do I turn on the Share feature?

This feature must be enabled within your Admin > Settings page, via a Resources setting called Enable Public Sharing. You can also choose whether you want all of your folders to have this option automatically enabled. Please note that this will mean all files within these folders can be shared publicly by those with the correct permissions.
To enable this feature as a default option for all of your folders, select Enabled on the Public Sharing Folder Default setting. You can also customise this setting on individual folders. 
You can also apply this feature on a Folder by Folder basis within your Folder Settings. To do so, open the Advanced Options section and select the Enable Public Sharing checkbox. Once you've enabled this setting on your folder, you will be able to view the Share action for all files within the folder, and the files are able to be publicly shared. 
Sharing your Files

For each file you wish to share, click the More icon and select the Share action.


A pop-up will appear on your page containing a Permanent Public Link that permits you to share the file publicly to users or parties that don't have access to your platform. Unless the file is an image or video format, pasting the link in the browser will prompt an automatic download of the file.


To find out about Sharing and Embedding your Images and Videos please click here

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