Implementation Process Overview

Implementation Guide / Checklist

In order to successfully launch your platform below is a checklist of items that we step through with you in order to get your platform the best it can be prior to launch.

What is part of standard implementation? 

Confirm platform name & URL (if you have purchased a custom URL or will be hosting the platform on your own server this will we listed as a separate line item in your access order/contract, please allow additional time for this type of set up).

Confirm platform branding & colours – please provide IntelligenceBank a high resolution version of your company logo and advise on company colours.

Confirm Folder structure – we can help & advise you on options, but you your folder structure will need to be confirmed before launch (NB: folders can always be added after launch).

Confirm Filters – confirm your filter lists with their values prior to launch.

Confirm Global Keywords – confirm top search keywords prior to launch.

Main Admin Training – we train the super users of your platform not all users. If you require us to train your staff additional training hours can be purchased. As a guide we put aside 4hrs as part of our quick start package and this includes both implementation set up & admin training. We will usually break our training into 2 sessions, 1 prior to launch and then a follow up within the first 2 weeks of launch. (As you may have specific set ups or follows from the 1st training session)

Please nominate your main administrators, including full name, email & contact.

Set up your users & groups - this is done after the 1st training session but prior to launch. Implementation hours will be put aside to assist you with group permissions set up.

What is not part of standard implementation (separate line items on your contract)

Directors one-on-one training (Concierge Service) – For IntelligenceBank Board clients, we contact your Directors directly and spend approx 15mins with each director outlining the platform functionality as well as dedicated training on the IntelligenceBank BoardHub app.

We will require that you provide details of your Directors including full name, email & contact phone number.

Single Sign On (SSO integration) – please provide your I.T contact full name, email & contact number so we can co ordinate the set up & testing prior to launch.

Confirm database forms – as part of the implementation we can help you set up your databases. If this is part of your implementation please provide forms. Please send through your questionnaires for each database that you require to be created.

Confirm custom pages – we can assist you in this process and provide examples but are not a design agency. Once we receive your designs we typically have the pages live within 5-10 business days, dependent on the number & complexity of the pages) If this is part of your implementation please provide forms. (Including responsive)

Import files – once you have confirmed your folder structure you can use our desktop uploader to bulk import all your files to the folders you have set up. A spreadsheet is sent to you so you can add filters & keywords.

Custom development – listed here are any specific custom developments that we have agreed to as part of the sign up & contract.

Timeline - to be agreed upon based on the requirements of the above set up.

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