How to Add a Resource Folder

To add a new Resource Folder, go to Resources and Click on either the 'Add' button or the Folder's More Icon before selecting Add Folder

Example where the user has clicked the Info Icon on the top right hand corner:


Example where the user has clicked the Add button on the top right hand corner, next to the More icon:



When creating a new folder you will initially be presented with options to add a Folder Name, Description and Custom Icon. To add more settings, including permissions, sorting options and workflows, click Advanced OptionsAdd_new_Advanced_options.png

Advanced options includes a number of settings and features which can be set on a Folder by Folder basis. These include Review Date options, Sorting/Layout Orders, enabling Comments, Watermark Settings & Image Annotations and adding Workflows or specific permissions. 


To save and add your Folder, simply click Save. The reset button will return all settings to the default state. 

*Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customized by Main Admin users.

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