About Resources Permissions

The Resources tool is where digital files (documents, images, video, audio, etc.) can be uploaded and stored. Resources are structured by Folders and optional Sub FoldersPermissions to files are granted on a folder level.  

There are 4 different levels of permissions within a folder:

  • Users with Preview permissions on a folder can only preview the information online and/or request a one-off approval to download a select file, if this functionality is enabled on the folder.
  • Users with Access permissions can access and download all resources present in the folder.
  • Users with Publish permissions on a folder can Add, Delete, Edit, and Move resources within that folder.
  • Users with Admin access on a folder can do anything that Publish permissions can plus edit permissions and create sub-folders.

Users with Admin Access on the Resource Library Tool can access all resources independently of individual folder level permissions. 

*Note that the name given to tools, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customized by Main Admin users.

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