How to Email a Link to a Resource

Instead of emailing large files, you can email links to resources located within your platform.

To email a link to a Resource, go to the resource you wish to send out and click on Email Link in the resource dropdown action menu.


A pop-up will appear allowing you to email a link to another user or group of users who also have access to the resource. 

You can also include a custom message to the email as well as change the title (default is the resource's title). 


If the Resource is classified as a Public resource (enabled in the Admin/Folder Settings), then you can email the file to any email address, including non-registered users. The Valid for field, allows you to set a time limit on how long the resource will be available to that person for. 


*Note that a user must have access to the People tool, which lists all users with access to the platform, in order to have access to the Email Link feature.

*Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customized by Main Admin users.

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