About The IntelligenceBank App

The IntelligenceBank BoardHub app integrates seamlessly with your web-based platform so you can access your files from anywhere, at anytime giving you the ability to download them directly to your device for offline access.

With the IntelligenceBank App, you can :

  • Read PDF documents offline.
  • Privately annotate files.
  • Navigate a file by page or annotation.
  • Sync comments and annotations with the web service.
  • Review audio, video and image files.
  • Configure the App to reflect your branding and permissions set up.
  • Add advanced security features; watermarking, passcode and encrypt files.

With the app you will be able to read and privately annotate your downloaded files in the PDF reader or open them in any supported apps on your device.

We recommended as a minimum iOS10+ and Android 6+ for full compatibility. 

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