Requesting Feedback On A File

A Feedback Request in IntelligenceBank provides users with the ability to request a digital approval or feedback on a file they have publish rights on at any time (even after its publication). If the folder has a feedback workflow attached anyone with access to that folder can request feedback on any item at anytime.

The process is similar to the Publish Approval process and is a great tool to gather input from various stakeholders on working documents.

Multiple feedback requests can be sent on a same file to different users and/or groups, thus enabling to keep certain comments and feedback hidden from other users.

It can also be used as an additional step during the Publish Approval process for the approver to request additional and ‘private’ feedback before responding to the initial publisher.

All comments associated to a feedback request process are indeed only visible by the stakeholders directly involved, unless broader permission to see all comments is given to users.

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