How to Bulk Upload Resources

To add several files at once, navigate to the desired folder location and click on the Bulk Upload icon. Here, you will select the upload type and fill in details such as a review date, description, and keywords for search purposes. Then, click on Select Files to select the files you wish to upload in bulk. Images will automatically have metadata tags applied by default so you can easily extract any information already available in the files.

If you are using a recent browser, you can also ‘drag and drop’ your files into the upload list. 

The files you select will then appear in the ‘Upload List’ section; you can customize the meta data and settings for each file individually. In order to alter the files options users will need to click the ‘➤’ button located next to the files title.

Files can also be removed from the upload list by clicking on the little trash icon.

The Bulk Upload tool allows users to add up to 100 files at once. 

Once you are finished selecting files simply click the ‘Save’ button and your bulk upload will begin. 

*Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customized by Main Admin users.

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