Step by Step Set Up Guide

Step 1. Applying Your Logo to the Platform

Navigate to Admin>Templates and select your desired header image and email banner to brand your platform.

Step 2. Customize You Colour Scheme

Navigate to Admin>Templates and select your primary & secondary colours and fonts.

Step 3. Adding Folders & Files
Navigate to Resources and and click on one of the action icons on the top right to start managing folders and files

Bulk Uploading Files – navigate to the desired location and click on the Bulk Upload icon to add files to that folder.

Step 4. Adding Users & Groups
Navigate to Admin>Users and click on the Add New User icon in order to add users to your platform.

Navigate to Admin>Groups and click on the Add New Group icon to start 

Step 5. Navigation Menu

To change the order or names of items in your Navigation Menu go Admin> Templates> Navigation and simply click on the desired heading to rename it.  To change the order use the drag & drop tool then click on the Update Sort Order icon.

To add a Resource to your Navigation Menu go to Admin> Templates> Navigation > Add +, you will then be prompted with an Add Menu box. Select the Resource from the menu source option and then click on your desired Resource Folder in the folder tree.

Step 6. Email Link To A Page
Navigate to the page you would like to send and click on the Email Link icon to send to your desired user(s) or group(s).

* Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customised by Main Admin users.

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