Assigning Image Metadata to IntelligenceBank Standard Fields

You can assign embedded metadata to primary fields (e.g. Title, Description or Keywords) which rank higher in search results by entering any of the following tags (in brackets) in the fields on the upload form. When an image is selected, the most standard metadata tags are assigned by default. You can assign multiple tags to a single field.

[title]= Title
[description] = Description
[comments] = Comments

[meta_keyword] = Keywords
[dc_subject] = Subject

[author] = Author
[artist] = Artist
[copyright] = Copyright
[copyright_notice] = Copyright Notice - IPTC
[software] = Software Used

[color_space] = Colour Space
[image_width] = Image Width
[image_height] = Image Height
[resolution_x] = X Resolution
[resolution_y] = Y Resolution
[resolution_unit] = Resolution Unit
[compression_type] = Compression Type

[content_type] = Content Type
[creation_date] = Creation Date
[last_modified] = Last Modified
[date_time_original] = Date and Time Original

[gps_latitude] = GPS Latitude
[gps_longitude] = GPS Longitude
[gps_altitude] = GPS Altitude
[gps_version_id] = GPS VersionID
*Note that any available metadata always gets automatically extracted (see article about metadata extraction). This process is for assigning metadata information to core IntelligenceBank fields. You can separate multiple tags by a comma or a space.


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