How to add Media Feeds (RSS)

Media Feeds are where you automatically receive RSS feeds from any source, including updates from Twitter and Facebook. This is great for brand and competitor monitoring.

Under the Admin tab, click on "Feeds" tool from the drop down menu. 

This will then take you to the Feeds page where you can start adding RSS feeds by clicking on the "Add RSS" icon.

Start adding in your desired RSS feeds and once entered click 'Save".

By using the permissions "details" button you can select which groups have access to view the added RSS feed.

Once completed view your added RSS feed by clicking on the Feeds module from the top navigation toolbar. To re order your Feeds simply use the Sort Order icon and sort by drag and drop method.

From the sources the drop down you have the ability to add in API's from Twitter  & Facebook. For Twitter select either "username" or "keyword" and for Facebook select either "Page URL" or "Username".


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