Linking Databases Together with Look Up Fields

Lookup Select and Lookup Grid options in Forms

Look Up fields can be used to link databases together by creating a hierarchical relationship between them. For example, a Contacts database can be linked to a Companies database (the 'parent), so that whenever a contact is added (the 'children), it can choose the company it works for from the Companies database. When a user then views that company record, it will also dynamically see all the existing contacts that are associated with it.

To use the lookup fields within forms first you need to have or create 2 databases. Within the form builder you have 2 options when selecting the "Lookup" field. They are:

Lookup Select: this will give you a "Lookup Table", which makes another database the parent of this database. eg Database 1 is the parent to Database 2. So whenever a record is created from Database 2, it can be tied under (i.e. lookup to) a record from the other database.

Lookup Grid: this will give you a "Lookup Grid Source Fields", which will display all the records from another database that have selected that record as their parent. This option only appears when the database has been added as a Lookup Select field in another database. 

Step 1. Within your database 1 (Company) add your required fields.

Step 2. Now go to your database 2 (Contacts) add your required fields including a lookup select to the appropriate field in your database 1 (Company) form.

Step 3. Go to your database 1 (Company) add a Lookup Grid field.

Now it’s time to add records to your databases.

Step 4. Create a new record in database 1 (Company)

Step 5. Create a new record in database 2 (Contacts) and link it to the record created in database 1 (Company)

Step 6. Go to database 1 (Company) and click on view.

Step 7. This will load the record where you can view the associated details where you can see the relationship between the databases.

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