Sharing and Embedding Images and Videos

The Share / Embed feature allows you to Share or Embed images or videos into social media platforms and other third party websites. This tool allows you to use your platform to manage digital assets and seamlessly distribute content multiple times, across different channels.

How do I turn on Share and Embed?

This feature must be enabled within your
Admin > Settings page, via a Resources setting called Enable Public Sharing. You can also choose whether you want all of your folders to have this option automatically enabled. Please note that if enabled, all files within these folders can be shared publicly by those with the correct permissions.
To enable this feature as a default option for all of your folders, select the Enabled option on the Public Sharing Folder Default setting. You will also be able to customise this setting on individual folders. 

This setting can be applied more granularly on a Folder by Folder basis. In the Folder Settings > Advanced Options section, the Enable Public Sharing checkbox should be selected. Once you've enabled this setting on your folder, you will be able to view the Share / Embed action for all files within the folder, and files are able to be publicly distributed. 

Sharing your Images and Videos

For each file you wish to share, click the More icon and select the Share/Embed action option.


The new popup (pictured below) allows you to copy a permanent public link; so you can publicly share your file with external parties. For images and videos, this link will open another tab on your browser where you can view & download your file.

The Social Media Sharing feature allows you to embed an image into a post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Not only will the image be posted, but the title and description of the image will also mirror how the file is stored within IntelligenceBank. 


Embedding your Images and Videos

The Embed feature generates an iFrame embed code, which you can use to embed your file within external websites. You can also customise the display size and alignment of the file as well.


What is maximum file size I can use for Share and Embed?
Our allocated maximum file size for sharing and embedding is 5MB.
What are the associated Costs for Media Sharing and Embed?
The Media Embed feature is complimentary to you, and each month, you will receive a free data transfer allowance starting at 10GB per month depending on your subscription.
Contact our Helpdesk to learn more about Media Packages available for larger public sharing allowances.
How is Media Sharing and Embed Bandwidth Calculated?
If an image or video is embedded into a social media or third party website, each time the page loads, the file is essentially 'downloaded'. Usually, once a user views it - it is downloaded 1 time only as the image is cached in the browser. To keep costs under control, we recommend using small image and video sizes when using this feature.  In the Admin section - you can see your embedded media download usage. You can pause or stop this feature at any time.
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