About Self Registration

The Self Registration feature allows new users to add themselves to your platform. They can be automatically added or you can set up a registration approval process.

If this feature is in place, the user can come to your site and click on Register.

This will load a new page where the user can input their information. The registration form can include simple information, such as basic requirements like first name, last name, and email, such as the below:

Or also include:

  • Contact Name: Who at your company a user works with (useful when external users are self-registering).
  • Purpose: Why a user needs access. You can set up a drop-down selection for this. An example might be to list various departments within your organization. (You can then use this information to set up custom rules to auto-assign users into various Groups).

Once completed, the page will reload - advising them of their new self-registration:

They will also receive an email alert where they can verify their request.

When they click on the link they will be verified in the system.

To set up a registration approval process, go to Admin > Registration.

Here, you can select which group the new user(s) should belong to. You can also enable them as a “user as a group” - placing them in their own group.

From the drop-down select which division they should belong to, such as internal or external, and then select which user(s) will approve the registration request. You can also select whether existing users are notified of any new registrations.

Under Registration fields you can decide which account fields are required or if they need to be mandatory.

If you have an approval for a new registration, the nominated approver will receive an alert whereby they can click on the link to log into the platform and approve or decline a users registration request.

How it works:

Self Registration: A non registered user visits your platform and can enter their email address and an overview of why they need access and either request access.

Approvals or Instant Access: Depending on settings applied, you can approve the user before they have access, or you can automatically give access to all self-registered users to specific folders only.

Accept T&C’s Option: You can make it optional or mandatory for a new user to accept your T&C’s on how to use the service and the files they download. This can be used as a legal arrangement.

User Management: At any time you can manage the self-registered users in your Admin > User panel.


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