Create Custom Alerts on Your Date or User Fields

This article will explain how to create custom Alerts on a database. As an example, we will setup alerts for an Actions Register, but this feature can be used for a variety of use cases (e.g. managing tasks for a marketing campaign).

A video tutorial is also available here.

When in a Database, click on the ALERT SETTINGS icon located on the top right of your screen. This option is only available to users with MANAGE permission on the database.
You can create custom alerts on 2 types of fields: Date fields, and User Lookup fields, which is a field that allows you to select one or multiple users from the system.
In the Field dropdown, all supported fields in your database will be listed for selection. 
Let’s start by adding a Date field, in this instance, the RESOLUTION DUE DATE.
First, select who should receive the date alert (Recipients field).
You can select the Creator of the Action Record.
You can also select a User Lookup field, which means that the user or users selected in this field, for example the person assigned to this Action, will receive the alert.

You can also select specific Users or Groups of users to receive the alert.
You can then select when the alert should be sent (Reminders field). 3 days before; 1 day before, On the day; 1 day after, or 3 days after. More options can and will be added in the future.
Note that the title of the reminder email will display the name of the record, as well as whether the Date is Approaching, Reached or Elapsed.
You can set custom conditions, so that for example, the alert only gets sent if the status is Not Started or In Progress but not if Completed.
You can also include a custom message in the email that gets sent. These emails are sent once a day. 
Let’s now add a User Lookup field alert. This type of alert can be used, for example, to notify a user that they have been assigned to a task, in this case, to an action.
You can customise the prefix and suffix of the email Title. The name of the record will be displayed in the middle automatically. You can also include a custom message.

For User Lookup alerts you can also elect to include any changes made to the record within the alert email. Select the Include Change Details checkbox to include a list of all changes made to the updated record. This setting will only be applied when the record has been updated (not when it is first submitted) and the alert will be sent immediately after a record has been updated and saved. 

Note that this type of alerts are sent whenever the record is created or updated. That also means that if you have records that were created before the alert was sent, you will need to update these for the emails to be sent. 
This does not apply to the Date alerts as the settings and all the records are checked daily.
Here is an example of a custom alert email (in this case, a User Look up alert).
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