Image Cropping

When downloading images from your Resources library you have the ability to Crop these files to meet design needs and desired size and file type specifications.

Advanced users can also select the download Compression Quality and Compression Type they need. For more information about Compression Quality, click here.

How to Crop an Image:

To Crop your image, select the Download option on the desired file (or click the image Name) to access the Download Options pop-up window. The default download settings will be those of the original file, however, if you require only a specific area of the image and the selected output file type is PNG, JPEG or GIF, you can select Crop image to crop the image.

After clicking Crop Image, a new pop-up window will display your image along with the Cropping Tool, which will appear as a gridded square or rectangle in the middle of the image. Move the Cropping Shape over the desired portion of your image and click and drag the corner points in or out to expand or shrink the desired area. You will see the Estimated File Size update in the upper-right of the pop-up screen.

If required, you can change the Pre-Crop Dimensions (w x h) to re-size the image before cropping, or enter the desired Output Size (w x h) in the fields at the top of the screen to re-size the cropping tool area to be captured.

Remember to click Save Crop to finalize your download changes. Note that the image loaded to Crop is not at scale, and the original image will not be altered.

Once saved, you can continue to Download.

Types of Images you can Crop:

The Crop tool can be used to change the size and specifications of all supported image file types, as long a the download File Type selected is PNG, JPEG or GIF.

The file types supported are: 'gif', 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'bmp', 'tiff', 'tif', 'svg', 'eps', 'ai', 'ico', and 'psd', however when downloading if the original file type is selected and it is not PNG, JPEG or GIF the Crop Image option will not be displayed.



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