Connector to Sitecore CMS

We are pleased to announce the launch of a connector for Sitecore – a leading CMS and CX software provider.

With this new connector, web content managers can seamlessly browse and search for images within their IntelligenceBank DAM, directly from Sitecore – thus making it easy to download the images and insert them into Sitecore powered websites.

With IntelligenceBank’s new Sitecore connector, website managers’ lives are made easier with the following integration features.

1. Single sign on – when a web manager is logged into their Sitecore CMS, they are also automatically logged into their IntelligenceBank DAM.

2. Advanced search – from within the CMS, when an image, video, audio file, document or PDF needs to be embedded within a website users can instantly search for the item from within IntelligenceBank’s DAM software – either navigating through the folder structure or using all available metadata for the search query. Thumbnails and previewsof all assets are presented to the user directly within Sitecore.

3. Resizing and reformatting on the fly – when working on a web page, once a file is selected, it can automatically be saved within Sitecore as a custom size or different file type.

4. Reporting – users can instantly track and report on IntelligenceBank assets that are being used in web pages and can see when usage rights are expired.

5. Warnings Report - when a file has been deleted or is expired, a warning message will appear, making it easy for users to identify web pages that require updated images or video.  

At IntelligenceBank – we believe that a DAM is never an island, and must be able to be integrated into the marketing ‘technology stack’ – to make life easier for marketing mangers by saving time and creating efficiencies.

For more information and pricing please contact us here.

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