About Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions refers to carrying out a desired action across multiple Resource items at once.  

For example: Downloading, Deleting, or Moving multiple files at one time.

(For how to bulk apply multiple changes, please click here.) 

If your Resources are in the List layout there will be select circles to the left of each item that you can individually click, or alternatively if the change is to be applied to all files within the folder, click the Select All circle at the bottom left of your Resources view. 

Your Bulk Actions menu will appear at the bottom of your page as soon as you have selected a Resource. Click where it says Select Bulk Action to see the selection of actions available. 


If you view your Resources in the Mosaic Layout view, you will see the select circle appear once you hover over a file. Click the files required for the bulk action, or click the Select All circle at the bottom left of your Resources view. 

To select the action you need, click on the dropdown menu in your Bulk Actions bar. Once you select your Action, follow the subsequent steps to complete the process. 


If you wish to Cancel or Exit the Bulk Actions mode, you can unselect your Resources or click Cancel on the bottom right of the Bulk Actions bar. 



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