About the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader

The IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader is an implementation tool that allows you to create folders and upload files to your IntelligenceBank platform directly from your desktop.

This application can be downloaded from the Admin section of your platform. Click here for instructions on how to do so. 

To use the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader, you need to be a Main Administrator.

Please check your OS platform is supported here.

Click here to learn how to install on Windows 7+
Click here to learn how to install on Mac OSX 10.8+

Here is an overview of the key features of the Desktop Uploader:

- Upon your first login, an Upload Folder will be automatically created in your User folder. 

- Upon your first login, a shortcut will also be created on your desktop which will open directly the Upload Folder where all your folders and files to upload are located.

- Upon your first login, the folder structure that is available online also gets downloaded (not the files) so you can also upload to any existing folder structure within your platform.

- You can add files and folders to this Upload Folder. When clicking Sync All, all files and folders that are NOT already on your platform will get uploaded.

- Note that files are physically matched on the server, that is, we recognise if it the same version of the same file independently of what the name of the file or on display on the site is.

- If one of these files gets physically updated (e.g. you make modifications to a Word document), it will get uploaded as a new file online. Support for versioning will be added soon.

- Files will not have any description or filters applied to them, even if there are mandatory filters.

- When the upload sync is completed, a popup will indicate this is so.
- If an upload gets interrupted, the next time you Sync All will resume exactly were it stopped (i.e. files can get partially uploaded). 
- You can have multiple platforms folders in your 'sync' folder. These can however only be logged in into one at the same time.

- When images are uploaded, the metadata is automatically extracted and indexed into the search engine. 

- When folders are created, the default settings available under your Admin section apply: default resource order; default folder layout; public sharing enabled; default permission rules.

- It is important to note that Login Timeout (Hours) setting within your platform will apply to the Desktop Uploader also. This means if you have this set to 8 hours (for example) then your Upload will cease when you get logged out of your platform when 8 hours has passed. If uploading overnight or over the weekend you will need to update this field in Admin > Settings before leaving it to run. 

Sleep mode setting on your system may also stop the the upload - even after 're-waking' the system. It is ideal that systems using the Uploader be set to 'never sleep' mode.

Any disruption to the network can end the upload connection. 

When re-uploading it is best to exclude documents you know have already been uploaded to save time

Note: The Desktop Uploader is not recommended for uploads of over 100GB at a time. Please discuss other options with an IntelligenceBank team member.  

For Subsequent Uploading Syncs 

- Note that if you have deleted folders on your platform, you will also need to delete them from within your corresponding Upload Folder on you desktop.

This is because the Sync is currently only single-directional and uploads information but does not download from your platform: so deleting a folder within your platform means this change will not reflect back in the structure in your Upload Folder and this will need to be managed manually. 

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