Installing and Using the Desktop Uploader on Mac OSX 10.8+

If you have not yet done so, download the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader from the Admin section of your platform. 

Once downloaded, unzip the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader file by double clicking on it. This will automatically uncompress the file to create a folder which contains the uploader application.

Drag and drop the application file to were you want it located. The IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader for Mac OS X is a stand alone file that can be put anywhere you want. For example, you can drag it into the applications folder (and then create a shortcut on the Dock or Desktop), or directly onto the Dock or desktop.

When you click on the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader sun icon, the login page will appear. Enter your platform URL, Username and Password to login.

Note: you must be a Main Administrator of your IntelligenceBank platform in order to use the uploader.

Upon your first login, any existing folder structure available online will automatically be created into your new IntelligenceBank Upload Folder. A shortcut to that upload folder is also automatically created on your desktop. 

Drag & drop or copy files to your upload folders, or create new ones to prepare the content to upload.

In the top bar of your screen, you will notice a small IntelligenceBank icon. Click on it to display the actions menu. You can click on Open Folder to open your IntelligenceBank upload folder.

When you are ready to upload your files, click on Sync All. All the files located in your IntelligenceBank Upload folder that do not already exist online will be uploaded into your platform. Any missing folders will also be automatically created. The little IntelligenceBank icon will flash while the upload is occurring.

Note: Files are upload in small parts so if your upload is interrupted, files partially uploaded will resume from where the interruption occurred.

When the upload is completed, a confirmation window will appear and the icon will stop flashing. If any files failed to upload, the window will indicate so. 

Key things to note about the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader:

- After the Sync is complete you will need to refresh your IntelligenceBank platform (if that is open in a web browser at the time you are syncing). 

- Files are physically matched on the server, that is, we recognise if it the same version of the same file independently of what the name of the file or on display on the site is.

- If one of these files gets physically updated (e.g. you make modifications to a Word document), it will get uploaded as a new file online. Support for versioning will be released soon.

- Files will not have any description or filters applied to them, even if there are mandatory filters - however after the upload you can Bulk Edit these files to add these in. 

- You can have multiple platforms folders in your 'sync' folder. These can however only be logged in into one at the same time.
- When images are uploaded, the metadata is automatically extracted and indexed into the search engine.
- When folders are created, the default settings available under your Admin section apply: default resource order; default folder layout; public sharing enabled; default permission rules.



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