Automatic iPad App Links from Emails

IntelligenceBank links in emails will automatically open within your iPad app, taking you directly into the linked file, folder, or agenda. 

The process follows the below path:

> When checking email on your iPad and receive an IntelligenceBank alert with a link to a Resource, Folder or Agenda

> Click on that link within that alert.

> You will see a pop-up option asking if you want to open the link in the iPad App.

> If you click Yes you will see the iPad command confirming this action. Click Open

> You will then be automatically taken out of your email and the iPad app will open, taking you through to the required information.


(Note that if you are not logged in when clicking to open in your iPad app, you will be prompted to do so, and then will be taken to the appropriate link.)

> If you selected to Install the app, you will be taken to the iTunes store where you can download it onto your iPad.


Please note that this function is not currently supported on our Android App, but is planned for development soon. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.  



iPad help guide 

How to Download The IntelligenceBank iPad App

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