Bulk Apply Changes

To bulk edit files via the Bulk Apply Changes action, all files either must reside within the same folder or you can do this action from Search Results also.

The below will take you through how to do this from the folder level:

Click into the appropriate folder within your platform and select the resources you wish to edit by checking the box to the left of each of their name and thumbnail.

Alternatively, to select all resources within a folder select the box at the top of the Resource List.

Once you have selected the desired resources, click the dropdown menu next to the Resources banner.

From here select Bulk Apply Changes.

A new pop-up window will open with the options to add a Description, Resource Date, Review Date, Watermark options, Keywords, Ownership detailsor Filters.

Once completed, click Submit at the bottom of the form.

This action will apply the changes to all selected resources, however, only the fields with actual values will apply to the selected items.

To delete existing data on a field, you will need to edit an individual item.


About Bulk Actions 

Editing a Resource


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