Banner & Navigation Menu Options

The default navigation display setting for your platform is the Masthead Banner heading which displays a larger logo up the top left of the platform above the main menu. This is ideal for users who prefer a bigger branding presence across their platform.

(The masthead banner can be up to 965 pixels, and is left aligned. Based on the screen size, we then then expand the last pixel to the right for as long as required.)

The second option is the Small Logo, which displays a smaller logo that sits on the same line as the main navigation menu items. This leaves more page space for the rest of your platform. 

To change the look of your platform, go to Admin > Templates. 

Under Navigation Branding you can select either the Masthead Banner or Small Logo option. 

You can update this option whenever necessary. When requesting the Small Logo option a new upload field will appear for you to add a logo specifically suited for this menu style. 



Multi Level Navigation Option

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