Navigation Menu - Add Different Colors to Sub-Navigation Levels (Multi Color Menus)

Platforms with extensive folder structures, custom pages, or who simply wish to add more navigation options to their main menu can create a multi-level top navigation menu that goes up to four levels down. 

Click here for help on setting up such a Multi Level Navigation Structure

Once set up, you also have the option of further customising this structure so that the color of the 'child' levels can be set differently than the 'parent' menu color:

To set this up, go to the Admin > Templates section of your platform.

Under the Navigation heading scroll down to the Sub-Navigation Colors option.

Here, you have the option to select one of the following:

  • Primary Colors: This is the default color setting which matches the parent menu color
  • Secondary Colors: This will color the sub-navigation menu in whatever color has been selected as the platform's Secondary Color (which you can also update further down the same page.)
  • Custom Colors: This option allows you to choose any other color you may wish to apply to the sub-navigation menu.


Once selected, remember to Save down the bottom of the page.

You may need to refresh your page to see the changes update.


Multi Level Navigation 

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