Admin Setting to Prevent Email Spoofing Issue

When a User sends an internal email link from the IntelligenceBank platform, the email the recipient receives will by default show the sender's email address, information gathered from their user profile on the platform. 

In some companies, the fact that these emails impersonate the sender's email address can occasionally result in these emails being blocked by the company's security settings.  
If emails sent from an user to a recipient within the same company are not being received, this could be the cause of this issue.

If this is the case, or if you wish to change the address from emails sent from your IntelligenceBank platform, Admin Users can select a setting to Enable Anti-Spoofing on Email Links 

What it does is changing the sender email to instead of presenting it as sent from your email address, which your internal firewall might be  identifying as spam or malicious. 

To do so, click into the Admin section of your platform, and you will find this setting about halfway down the page under the Settings tab. 

Select that box.

Another field will appear called Domain(s) to Re-Write

In this field enter your company email domain - such as:

Save changes.

Once enabled, emails are sent from email address: 

The email-spoofing option only applies if the same domain is used for the recipient and sender. 
Note that, as the address indicates, once this option is selected any replies to these emails will not be received by the original sender of the email, nor will they be seen by the IntelligenceBank team. 
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