Duration of Upload - How long will it take?

When using the IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader there are many variables to take into account when trying to estimate how long it will take to upload your files, including:

* Your internet speed and connection strength.
* Available memory on the system you are uploading from.
* What else is running on the system while you are uploading.

Your Helpdesk/IT team might be able to provide you with your company's average internet speed which will help give you an idea of how long this may take, or there are various free online tests you can conduct on your upload speed like testmy

Based on past Australian client experiences - due in part to local connection speeds that are generally slower than some other countries - we have found it may take between one to two hours per GB to upload. The US and UK generally has a faster current internet speed than Australia (as of 2015) and thus upload speed should also be quicker for clients based there. 

If uploading large amount of data, or needing to upload data quickly, it is therefore recommended to follow the below options:

* Ideally set this up to run on a spare computer, which has nothing else running on it.
* Keep this running overnight* until completed (do not switch the computer off at night).
* Speak to your Helpdesk/IT department to see if they can advise how to maximise your connectivity speed.
* Get in touch with the IntelligenceBank support team to discuss the possibility of co-ordinating the upload, by sending an external drive / USBs for us to also assist with uploading process.

Note: The Desktop Uploader is not recommended for uploads of over 100GB at a time. Please discuss other options with an IntelligenceBank team member. 

Splitting the uploading between multiple computers at once, each uploading a different block of files and folders, will likely take the same time to upload as if on one computer.

*Important: note that Login Timeout (Hours) setting within your platform will apply to the Desktop Uploader also. This means if you have this set to 8 hours (for example) then your Upload will cease when you get logged out of your platform when 8 hours has passed. If uploading overnight or over the weekend you will need to update this field in Admin > Settings before leaving it to run. 

The Sleep Mode setting on your system may also stop the the upload - even after 're-waking' the system. It is ideal that systems using the Uploader be set to 'never sleep' mode.



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