Multiple Approvers Responding to a Declined Request (Publish Workflow)

When multiple Approvers have been selected for a Publish Workflow, and you would like to have all approvers review and provide their feedback for a file before the declined request goes back to the requester, follow the below steps:

Admin > Workflows > Select Relevant Workflow, or Create a new Publish Workflow

Set the Auto-complete if declined field to 'No'. As a reminder, this setting is used if you want multiple approvers to receive the request but only of them is expected to respond, for example based on each approver's respective workload.

The All Responses Required field will then appear:

Select 'Yes'

As stated above, this means that all reviewers have to respond to this request for it to be marked as Completed, even if the request has already been declined. 

Remember to Save the workflow.

If you have not elected for this Workflow to be Global you will need to add it to a specific folder you require. 

To do so, select Folder Settings > Add Workflow > Select the Workflow Name > Add

Users with Publish access on the folder can then upload their file for review, and all Approvers will need to comment via their My Approvals tab before this is marked as completed.*

Once complete, the declined request will be processed and sent to the requester (unless the criteria for approval have been met), who can re-submit based on the feedback provided. 

*Note that Admin users can override this and close off approval and Complete Request at any time when reviewing the request. 


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