Resources - How Can I See a Record of All My Files At Once?

There are two ways you can achieve this:
- The standard way is to create a report under the Stats / Reporting tool.
Select Resources as a tool, and in the Columns area, select all the information you want to display about your files. Make sure to select the Folder Path column to view which folder they belong to.
When clicking Run, this will give you a full listing of your files available in the platform, with their parent folder in the Folder Path column. You can save that report for easy access in the future.
- The other way is more of a trick:
Go into your Resources library, and against any folder, select the action Related in the dropdown menu.
In the popup that appears, select Manage Related. Then select Resources as the tool.
This will then display your entire folder structure, with all the files that are part of it, in a 'multi-dimensional' view. 
You can also view your entire folder structure and the resource count against each folder, by clicking on Navigate when in the resources library.


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