Q. Where are your systems and data hosted ie. country and city?

A. We partner with Amazon Web Services.  For Australian clients, all of their data is stored in Sydney, Australia. For the US & Canada, data is stored with AWS on the West Coast. 

Q. Is any of this data replicated to other sites not within the same city and country? e.g. backups, hot/warm sites

A. We back up all of our Australian client's data to a secondary site, 40Km from the primary site in Sydney.

Q. What security certifications is this third-party accredited with?

A. Amazon is ISO27001, SOC 1, 2 and 3 Certified.  For more information on all certifications, please click here.  

Q. What physical security access is in place with regards to the hardware storing data?

A. Amazon has robust physical security around its data centers, access, fire and flood, management, and temperature protection.  Please view the whitepaper listed here for further details. 

Q. Do you offer 'private cloud' hosting?

A. Yes. For clients who would like increased security for their files, IntelligenceBank offers a 'private cloud' hosting option, whereby IntelligenceBank can be housed within your AWS environment, which means, you have 100% control on when we access the platform for updates, and also, you hold the encryption keys to the data.

This option is popular with financial services institutions and government departments.  Depending on the volume of data, users and frequency of backups and updates, pricing for this option varies.
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