WGAC Compliance

The IntelligenceBank platform is a web based, content management service with moving content vs. a website. As such, IntelligenceBank’s basic infrastructure complies with A and AA WGAC principles for basic end-user functionality.

However, some requirements are not possible due to the dynamic nature and types of content that could be uploaded by clients into the system.

Specifically, the IntelligenceBank core platform provides the following:

  • Text Alternatives: Alt text is available for all core items of the system.

  • Time-based Media: There are no time based limitations.

  • Adaptable: Navigation can be read in simple structure by readers.

  • Distinguishable: This exists as a standard, and is not reliant on colour.

  • Keyboard Accessible: All basic functions are keyboard accessible.

  • Enough Time: There are no automated page turning or animations so users can take as much time as required.

  • Seizures: IntelligenceBank complies – no flash is used in basic template.

  • Navigable: IntelligenceBank has clear navigation with breadcrumbs.

  • Readable: Text and links are all readable.

  • Predictable: Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.

  • Input Assistance: Help copy and guidance is available throughout the system when appropriate.

    Updated June 2014

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