Overall: What exactly is customizable on the IntelligenceBank platform?

IntelligenceBank is an 'out of the box' solution, yet one that is highly customizable. The platform offers multiple avenues to apply your branding, and control much of its look and feel, whether that's to align it as closely to your business website, brand guidelines, or just personal preferences.

* Branding
You can add your branding across the platform as the Platform Header logo, Email Header, Favicon, and a Log-in page image.   

* Icons
Default icons like Folders, Records, Resources, etc, can easily be replaced with your own designs. 

* Colors
Update the platform to match your own Primary and Secondary Hex colors, text colours, as well as a Feature Color.

* Fonts
Choose from a wide range of fonts, or speak to us about the possibility of adding in a custom font. 

Pick and choose what features, folders, or custom pages you want displaying on the Navigation Menu to draw users into the most important parts of your platform. 

* Custom Pages
You can create as many HTML/CSS enabled Custom Pages as you wish, as Welcome Pages, Brand Guidelines pages, etc. Click here to learn what can be customized within this module.    

Module Names
What we call Resources you might call Digital Assets. Update the name of the module to reflect your terminology. 

You can also tailor User Permissions, Filters, Alerts, User Password limits, Login limits, and lots more!


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