Public Custom Pages

If your platform has Public Permissions enabled*, you can pick and choose which Custom Pages to enable to make public via your Admin > Groups area. 

Once enabled on your platform, a Public Access group will be automatically added to this area. 

Click on Public Access to update that group's permissions.

Add the Custom Page module if it has not been added already.

Click into Details

In the Custom Permissions you will notice there is only the choice of View - this is because public users will only be able to view these pages. 

Select the pages you wish for public users to see.

Confirm and then Save the page.

Public users who access your platform will then be able to see the selected pages without requiring a log-in. 

When viewing public pages, registered users will be able to log in to their full view platform via the link up the top right of each page. 

Note that any links from Public Custom Pages to non-public areas of your platform will be met with an error.

*Additional costs apply to enabling Public Access to your platform. Interested clients can email helpdesk@intelligencebank for more information.  



Public Permissions


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