Q. How does the user connect to the hosted application? e.g. web browser

A. Web Browser and/or iPad application.

Q. What mechanism do you use for securing communications?

A. IntelligenceBank uses HTTPS for all calls.

Q. Does your application have an interface for mobile devices?

A. The site is completely responsive and will adjust to any device including mobile.  We also have a dedicated App that is available on iOS & Android, for Board Members for offline access to papers.

Q. Are there any regular planned maintenance outages?

A. If there is a planned maintenance, your administrators will be advised one week in advance.  All scheduled outages are well outside of normal business hours and usually are done on the weekend.  Most maintenance is done without downtime.

Q. What accessibility principles, guidelines or features are adhered to in your product?

A. The IntelligenceBank platform is a web based, content management service with moving content vs. a website. As such, IntelligenceBank’s basic infrastructure complies with A and AA WGAC principles for basic end-user functionality. However, some requirements are not possible due to the dynamic nature and types of content that could be uploaded by clients into the system

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