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Quite often we find that selecting an IntelligenceBank platform prompts a client to review and organise their files. Rather than simply copying a current order that may exist on shared drives, etc, it offers a great chance to review your files and folders before uploading them onto your platform.
There is no 'correct' way to order your files and folders - the best way to do this is a way that makes the most sense to you and the end users of your platform. 
With that in mind, there are some things you may like to consider when creating your IntelligenceBank folder structure:
* Your platform is set up to grant/restrict user access to files based on the folder they reside in. (For example: User A can download from Folders 1, 2 and 3, while User B can only see files in Folder 3). These 'permissions' will therefore play a large role in how you decide to group your files. You will likely 'group' your users together that need similar levels of permission, so it makes sense to keep this in mind for your folder structure also. 
* Many end users are used to folder structures on their desktops and thus creating clear sub-folder pathways will mean many users will intuitively be able to find files this way. You can create many sub-folder levels down, however we find users can get a little 'lost' if there are too many sub-folder levels, so this might be something to consider.
*Having an Archive section may be a big help. Not all files are created equal, and while its great to store older files as a reference point, these files might not be needed to most users, and may clutter your platform, making it harder for users to locate the folders that will be used the most. Archive folders are a good way to store older files for this reason, perhaps with limited access to Admins or other select users only.
* Your Folder structure may also depend on how strong your keywords/filters are. 
Filters and keywords require more upfront set-up work but ensure a greater pay-off when it comes to end users easily accessing files. This article might help clarify the difference between using Keywords and Filters, and how you can beat use both to assist users locate the files that they need.  
At the end of the day it comes down to considering how your users will mostly likely interact with the platform, and working backwards from there to build a folder structure, and relevant keywords/filters, to ensure they can easily locate the files they need, when they need them. 
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