Public Permissions

IntelligenceBank clients have the option* to set up select Folders and Custom Pages as Public - meaning that these files and pages can be viewed/downloaded by anyone who has access to the relevant link - they do not need to be a registered member of the platform to do so.

Restrictions apply:

- The public permissions level can be set to Preview or Access (download). 
- Download workflows do not apply to Public Folders.
- Bulk Actions do not apply to Public Folders.
- Annotations will not be available to public users. 
- Public users will not have the ability to email a link from the platform to other users.
- The 'Info' and 'Metadata' information behind images will be available to public view.
- Links from Public Custom Pages to non-public areas of your platform will be met with an error.
- Limits to Public Downloads will apply.

*Additional costs apply. Interested clients can email helpdesk@intelligencebank for more information.  



Public Folders

Public Custom Pages

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