Control options on your InDesign Templates

Control options within InDesign, using the PrintUI Plug-in:

You can decide what layers are editable in the Layers panel once you have 'initialized' your template from the PrintUI Management extension menu within InDesign.

Initializing a template will create a new 'Background' layer. The Background layer is where you put all the layers that you do not want edited.

Objects who's container (i.e. size and position) is not editable, but the content can be edited should be left above the Background layer but locked.

Objects who's container AND content are editable should be left unlocked.

Template Options is where you define the graphic file formats which are acceptable, as well as the minimum Line Art and Raster resolution.

For applications where the template can be output at different sizes, you can define those output sizes under Edit Size Presets.

Note that for text layers, only the fonts present in the document, or uploaded to your PrintUI account by your Custom Success Manager will be available for selection and use online.

Once all options are set, you can proceed to Preflighting, Packaging and Uploading your template. 

Preflighting will examine the template is all set correctly; Packaging will pull all the linked files together and create the necessary auxiliary files for Upload; Uploading will upload your template to the server, and make it available as a new InDesign Template resource accessible from IntelligenceBank.

You can watch the PrintUI InDesign demo video here.


Control options which can be set at the template level within IntelligenceBank:

When adding or editing a new InDesign Template resource, you can set the following options at the Template level:

- User can a new Text layer

- User can add/remove Pages

- User can add new Image

- User can select Image from the following sources: Desktop, Related and/or Resource Library (the last 2 options will be filtered automatically to the logged in user permissions).

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