New Release Summary - 1 March 2017

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Groups & Permissions

Updated Groups & Permissions

We are pleased to announce the launch of the updated Groups/Permissions area, which is the first of many upgrades to come in the IntelligenceBank platform this year, as we switch to a faster framework.

What's Changed?

The Create Group view is now broken down into 3 steps:  Main Details, Users &  Permissions

The Permissions page gives you an overview of all the tools & an easier way to enable modules & permissions for your Groups. 

Please note that any current permissions on your platform will remain the same. These changes impact the set-up of creating and editing Groups via the Admin side of the platform only.  

It is highly recommended that platform Main Admins click here to read more information on this update and here for an updated guide on how to create Groups and set permissions in the new framework. 

You can also watch a short video overview HERE. 


Databases & Surveys

Updated Form Builder

The Form Builder used to create Database and Survey question sets now has a new design and enhanced loading time, making it a faster experience to create registers and questionnaires than ever before.  

What's Changed?

  • The form Preview is now on the right.
  • You can load or append an existing form after saving.
  • You can set fields as mandatory by default.
  • Clicking & dragging the page icons allows you to reorder your pages.
  • You can rearrange the fields and sections by dragging the little icon at the top of each element.

In addition, in order to address scalability and performance limitations with longer forms, elements are now saved individually. We understand this change may require a period of adjustment but we hope you will enjoy the improved interface and the increased speed that it provides in return.

It is highly recommended that platform Main Admins using Databases and/or Surveys click here to read more information on this update.


NEW! - Dashboards

Introducing IntelligenceBank Dashboards

We are very excited to announce the release of our new Dashboards module!

Dashboards are a new module, enabling users to group together pieces of information in a panel-like view. These can be set as a homepage, allowing users to view an immediate update about important information. Users can create multiple Dashboards, and private Dashboards that only they can see. New widgets will be added continuously in the coming weeks and months.

Click here to read more on our exciting New Feature. 

Other notable items recently released:


You can restore to a previous version of a file by going into the Info popup, and clicking Restore next to the version you would like to restore. 
Version ControlVersion Comments 
When you upload a file or a new version, you can add a Version Comment to provide additional details about this file. This is particularly useful if you upload a file that is at an intermediary step, or updates of an existing file. 
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