Enabling Dashboards on your platform

Dashboards are an included feature for all IntelligenceBank clients.

To enable Dashboards on your platform, a Main Administrator will first need to go to Admin > Templates on your platform.

Find Dashboards in the Navigation Bar and click on this.

Click the Visible checkbox and Save the change. 



Platform Main Administrators will now see Dashboard module added to their Navigation Bar. 

You can move the location of this back under Admin > Settings > Navigation Bar and moving it left or right.



Note that you can make Dashboards a landing page for your platform by clicking back on the module name and clicking Make it a Homepage

You can also opt here for it to apply to all Divisions of users on your platform, or leave this box unchecked and update one-by-one under Admin > Divisions



Note that this will make this a homepage for all relevant users.

Those who do not have access to this module will instead be directed to the My Account section of the platform. 



Adding a Dashboard

Adding a Widget into a Dashboard



Item List Widget

Calculation Widget



Dashboard Widget Actions

Editing and Ordering Widgets within Dashboards

Managing Multiple Dashboards

Dashboard Permissions and Private Settings

Coming Soon to Dashboards



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