Dashboards - Widget Actions

Once you have added a Widget there are various actions you can perform against the resulting data.

Actions will depend on what module the information has been drawn from. To see the available actions, click the three small circles to the right of the information item:



The actions currently available for widgets are:

For Resources:

  • Browse

  • Preview

  • Play Video

  • Play Audio

  • Document Preview (when clicking thumbnail only)

  • Info

  • Image Annotations (will open in a separate tab)

  • Reader (separate tab)

  • Go to (Web URL) (separate tab)

  • Download (direct)

  • Download With Temporary Approval

  • Download Approval Request

  • Download (download options) - PDF or Images

  • Edit/New Version (separate tab)

  • Usage (separate tab)

  • Workflow History

For Database Records:

  • View (separate tab)

  • Edit (separate tab)
  • Usage (separate tab)

  • Workflow History

  • Manage Settings (separate tab)

  • Download PDF

  • For Survey Responses:

  • View (separate tab)

  • Download PDF

  • Workflow History

For Approval Actions:

  • Browse (separate tab) - takes the user to the Approvals area with the item highlighted first, and all filtering options removed (to ensure this item can always be displayed)

  • Review Request (after approval/when completed - i.e. no refresh)

  • View & Review (separate tab)

  • Edit & Review (separate tab)



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