Widgets: Calculation Widget

To set up a Calculation Widget up, click into your Dashboard module.

Select an existing, or Add a New Dashboard from your list.


Click Add Widget and select Calculation from the widget selection page.


Step 1
Set main details will now open.

Here you add a Widget Display Name, select a Header Colour (from options matching your platform colours set up in Admin > Templates) and also an optional Description for the Widget.


Click Next to continue to Step 2 > Set data source.

You then choose which Tool you want to draw your data from in the Data Content tab, the options being:


(Options will depend on what modules are enabled against your platform.) 

Filtering Conditions will decide what data is filtered into the Widget List.


After this is complete click Next to continue to Step 3 > Set calculation options.  

You can select from the below options depending on the selected Tool:

- Resources: Results Count
- Databases: Results Count, Sum, Average, Median, Percentage
- Surveys: Results Count, Sum, Average, Median, Percentage
- Workflows: Results Count, Sum, Average, Median, Percentage

You may then need to select a Source Field & Values depending on the type of calculation selected. 

After this is complete click Next to continue to Step 4 > Set data display options.  


Here, depending on previous selections, you may have the option to enter a Unit (to give a name to what is being counted, for example) and for all Calculations you have the ability to add in Custom Color Ranges to denote and emphasise possible results.

For example: you may select red to show when a calculation outcome is not desirable, and green when the count shows that the measure is currently on target.  

You can select a colour by picking one based on the provided color scale, or enter a desired hex or RGBA code as required. 


Click Finish to complete your Widget creation. You can then add in further Calculation widgets as required by clicking back on Add Widget and repeating the above steps. 


Below are some examples of how the Calculation Widget can be of benefit:

- Resources: Monitor the number of new resources that have been added to your platform within a select time frame.

- Databases: Show a percentage of results against an important field in your register / database, or to monitor if certain actions have been completed. 

- Surveys: Show the average or a percentage of your in progress or completed survey responses.

- Workflows: Keep count of the number of Pending Approvals against yourself or particular users. 

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