New Release Summary - 28 April 2017

The newest updates to your platform are two new Workflow & Approvals features. 

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Workflows & Approvals


Custom Reminder Emails on Pending Approvals

Custom Reminder emails for Approval requests can now be easily set up on the overall Workflow level, allowing automated prompting to Reviewers to action requests before or after the selected Required By date, or a certain number of days after the approval request was made. 

In some instances these reminder emails can also be configured to bypass the approver and be auto-escalated to their assigned Leader on the platform. 

Up to 5 custom reminder emails can be set-up for each Workflow. 


Auto-Reassign Pending Approvals to New Leader

Clients using User's Leader field information to dictate their Workflows processes will now be able to select a new platform-wide option that allows for the Leader of an Approval Requester to be auto-reassigned to a new Leader as this information gets updated in the Requester's User profile for all requests in Pending status, saving time on having to manually re-assign such requests. 



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