Nightly Back-Ups of data

There are only two backups done …. files (Documents in the list below) and database (everything else in the list).

Documents are backed up every night and replace the existing document of the same uuid if there has been a change. So the backup document is always the latest version, no previous version are stored unless they have a different uuid. New documents are backed up with their uuid.

The database is backed up every night and stored as a timestamped archive, so databases can be restored back to a certain point in time.

1.  Documents

2.  Versions of Documents

3.  Alerts

4.  Logs of Alerts

5.  Form Structure

6. Form Data

7.  Database Strcuture

8.  Changes to Records

9.  Users - active, suspended, deleted

10.  Permission settings

11.  Annotations

12.  Calendars

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